This Mom's Important Letter To Three Mean Girls At Starbucks Is Going Viral

Only someone who has been a mother would have the courage to call out three mean teens when she hears them talking sh*t. Well, that's precisely what Michelle Icard, a mother, writer and parenting expert, did on Monday.

Now, after a blog post and a Facebook post about the incident, Icard and the note she gave to the three girls are going viral as people discuss her non-confrontational actions.

The 43-year-old mother of two was doing work at Starbucks when she overheard "three very pretty, very boisterous, horribly behaved young teenage girls at a table" near her.

The more Icard listened, the more disgusted she became by all the critical things the girls were saying. They apparently talked about a number of things in a mean way, including terrible gifts they've received as well as an unpopular girl who lost a vote for some sort of performance.

Icard left the Starbucks and the mean girls behind, but she agonized over whether she should've done something. In the end, she penned a short note, returned to Starbucks, bought three mini Frappuccinos and delivered everything to the girls.

Here is what Icard's letter to the three girls said:

Hi Girls! I sat near you today in Starbucks and listened as you talked. You three are obviously pretty and hard-working. I wish your kindness matched your pretty exteriors. I heard you talk about a girl who sang a song about being lonely in the talent show – and you laughed. About a girl who couldn't be lead singer because you got all the votes, about crappy presents other people have given you…and you sounded so mean and petty. You are smart and you are pretty. It would take nothing from you to also be kind. – M.

I mean, that's about as non-critical as criticism gets.

Reactions to the note were mixed, with some loving Icard's non-confrontational approach and others not really seeing the point.

Never judge a book by it's cover, the three girls were put in their place...nicely. — Lucky Angelidis (@luckycrippleguy) June 5, 2016

What do you think? Did this mom go too far in leaving the letter for the mean girls or not? Let us know in the comments.

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