Mom Kicks Son Out Of The House For 'Voting' For Donald Trump At School


This isn't a video of a parent teaching her child a lesson in a funny way. It's actually horrifying to watch.

I don't have children (that I know of), and I'm certainly no expert, but this is bad fucking parenting.

I hate President-elect Donald Trump (gag) more than I have ever hated another person on this doomed planet of ours, but this is not how you deal with a Trump supporter -- especially if it is a child.

This 8-year-old son is sobbing because his mother found out he voted for Trump at a mock election at his school, and she's kicking him out.

She even packed his bags for him. She can be heard in the video saying,

Since you voted for Donald Trump, you can get your shit and get out.

The sign she forces him to carry reads,

My mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump.

Being too young to know the issues, the mother asks him why he voted for Trump. He answers that he saw him on TV a lot.

It's sick enough that she did this to her child, but then she posted the embarrassing and obviously heart-wrenching video to the internet to shame him further.

This is straight-up abuse, right? Because it looks like severe emotional abuse to me. Child protective services should be called.

It's made worse at the end of the video when the boy's sibling starts to cry out for him, and she tells him that he can stay outside with the "Trump supporter."

It should go without saying that this is not how we should be protesting Donald Trump, nor is it how the protestors act. As passionate as you can be when it comes to your feelings on Trump, you can not treat a child this way.

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