Mom Hilariously Freaks Out When Daughter Crops Her Out Of Their Family Pic

It's not hard to keep your dear ol' mom happy.

All you have to do is call her every few days, tell her how much you love her... oh yeah, and try to not piss her off by cropping her out of your photos.

Abeera Tariq, an 18-year-old from Maryland, learned this lesson the hard way.

Abeera recently attended a wedding where she posed for hundreds of photos with her family throughout the joyous occasion.


While going through all of the snapshots from the wedding, Abeera realized that she never took any photos with just her brothers.

So she decided to crop her mom out of one photo and uploaded the new and improved picture of her posing with her brothers on Facebook.


Abeera didn't think that cropping the photo would be a big deal, since her mom is basically one of her BFFs.

But boy, was she wrong.

Shortly after uploading the image, Abeera's mother, Noreen, saw the modified version of the photo on Facebook and was seriously offended.

In fact, Abeera told Buzzfeed News that Noreen basically flipped a shit when she found herself missing from the family snapshot.

Noreen immediately texted her daughter a screenshot of the picture and asked Abeera why she committed this heinous cropping crime.


In the text Noreen wrote, "Why u crop me out stupid idiot" then reminded her daughter "U all here in this world because of me."

This angry mama then ordered Abeera to "Post picture again don't crop me out" before finishing off her message with an Urdu phrase that roughly translates into “Ungrateful children… I gave birth to you with such difficulty and you repay me by cropping me out.”

Abeera told Buzzfeed News that her and Noreen “joke around like that all the time.”

However, this time she knew she did her mom dirty and felt bad that she hurt her feelings.

Luckily, mama Noreen's bark is worse than her bite, because she wasn't as mad as she appeared to be in the text messages and called her daughter to laugh about it.

Abeera then shared her mother's hilarious text messages on Twitter.


Now, lots of people are praising this mom for calling out her daughter in the funniest way possible.


Some Twitter users are siding with Noreen, saying that Abeera totally committed a photo crop in the first degree when she cut her mom out of the picture.


Other mothers said that they could totally relate to Noreen's reaction because sometimes it's the little things that hurt moms the most.


Apparently, Noreen isn't the only mom out there who gets salty over Facebook photos because some Twitter users left comments claiming that their moms would have done the same thing.


In fact, one person even said her mom also likes to uses Noreen's favorite Urdu insult, “Nashukray bachay" on the reg.


In case you're wondering, Abeera did some damage control by taking the photo down and re-uploading the original version that included her mom, of course.

But I think it's safe to say that Abeera will definitely think twice before cropping Noreen out of any photos in the future.

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