A Mom Calls Out Drug Dealers On Her Daughter's Birthday


Heroin use in the United States is a growing problem. From 2002 to 2013, the number of heroin overdoses has jumped by 286 percent.

It seems like more and more families are being affected by this epidemic.

A Florida mother, Tina Wells Louden, now celebrates her daughter's birthday in a heartbreaking way.

Louden's daughter, Ashley, would have been 28... had she not overdosed on the drug three years ago. She had two children of her own.

In the post, Louden asks how drug dealers could possibly live with themselves. It has been shared over 250,000 times, after it was originally posted on the Facebook page, Heroin Kills You.

Louden returned to her original post to thank everyone who helped to share her message. She wrote,

She took the heartbreaking photo while she was hugging her daughter's urn, and her phone happened to be there. She was then inspired to send a message to Ashley's drug dealer.

Louden has received countless messages from families and addicts who have been inspired by her post to seek treatment.

She told KVUE,