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Moe's Is Throwing Major Shade At Chipotle For Closing Down Its Stores

Awwww sh*t, get your burritos ready 'cause it's about to go down!

In one corner, we have Chipotle, the beloved burrito chain that shut its doors until 3 pm today for an all-staff meeting on food safety in response to the recent bout of E. coli!

And in the other corner, we have Moe's, a burrito chain I sort of heard of but had to Google just to make sure before writing this article!

The match began early this morning when Moe's Southwest Grill threw this passive aggressive tweet into the ring.

Damnnnnn. Good thing Chipotle has all those ice machines, 'cause it's gonna need it, am I right?

The tweet seems to be a part of a pre-planned ad campaign at Chipotle's expense. Moe's also released a series of Vines today expressing, yes, its locations are open today, and it's clearly expecting an influx in business due to Chipotle's absence.

The caption reads,

 Today's gonna be crazy, but we've prepared like a champ. #WelcomeToMoes

It's a pretty smart move because, seriously, what even is Moe's? If I'd had to pick a competitor to profit on Chipotle's shutdown, I would have said Qdoba. But apparently, Moe's is a thing? Who knew? (I do now, and so do you! I see you, Moe's.)

However, some die-hard Chipotle fans out there aren't taking this sh*t talk too kindly.

Props to whoever runs the Moe's Twitter because he or she isn't backing down.

Moe's is shutting down haters left and right.

Don't try blaming it on genetically-modified ingredients, either.

Even the Q-word doesn't phase Moe's today.

It's really getting savage. RIP, Zack.

All right, I'll admit Moe's gained a little respect from my side. It's a genius advertising move. It might be dreaming a little big if it thinks it can be the next Chipotle, but hey, at least it's dreaming.