Miserable Guy Hilariously Documents Pointless Visit To IKEA With His Wife

by Alexandra Svokos

Some guy decided to complain on the internet about his wife trying to improve their life by going on a shopping trip to IKEA.

User 'fantafano' posted a series of image on Imgur documenting his trip. He titled the series,

My wife and I visit IKEA again and I try to figure out why.

Speaking of men not understanding the importance of taking care of a house, studies regularly show that women are still doing a majority of housework, despite also having careers now.


And sometimes men just have to go! To stores! With their wives! No wonder men are always rolling their eyes and making Imgur galleries of this frivolous behavior!

First, Fantafano's wife drags him to IKEA.

Then, she has the gall to get him lunch. He swiftly stains his pants with a "fruity purple sauce."


After lunch, they go look at things in the store, as he continues snapping pictures when he could instead be helping her out to make the trip more efficient.

They look at candles. Fantafano writes,

We are looking at candles. We have many candles. We bought our current candles at IKEA. These are slightly different.

His wife looks at a hanging kitchen rack.


He writes,

I said, 'We don't have room for it.' This was apparently an incorrect response.

Maybe he could have offered a solution. But his Imgur caption brags that he did not offer a solution and instead just made her mad.

Congratulations, Fantafano, for bragging about annoying your wife. You sound like a delight.

They look at mirrors and he recalls her saying she needs a mirror. They then look at other objects.


Fantafano writes,

This is not a mirror. Our ultimate purpose remains as mysterious as the little dots over the vowels in the item labels.

There's a brief actually funny aside in which they hang out with stuffed plush rats, which is an odd feature for IKEA to store.

More rats. I begin to speculate they are somehow significant in Swedish culture.

They look at measuring spoons. Fantafano makes fun of his wife behind her back for saying the measuring spoons look durable.


They look at plants. Fantafano expresses worry because they live in a basement. He also writes,

My wife says these [small ficus ginseng trees] remind her of baobab trees. I patiently remind her that baobabs are hundreds of feet tall. She will detach a retina if she keeps rolling her eyes like that.

Wives! So annoyed at everything! Hilarious!

Near the end of the trip, his wife realizes he's been posting pictures. She looks at him with a smirking smile.


Finally, they reach checkout. He writes,

We are checking out. We have a microwave cover, a sugar bowl, and a drawer divider. We do not have a mirror. 'I want ice cream,' says my wife.

Sounds like a successful trip that will improve their livelihood. So great that Fantafano took that as a joke.

The Imgur series ends with a photo of the couple holding hands. Fantafano writes,

'I love you forever, even though I already have to,' says my wife. I love her, too.


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