Kid's Michael Jordan Obsession Made Her Carry Cardboard Cutout Everywhere


I remember being obsessed with basketball in third grade as well. Of course, that involved the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan... but I didn't take it as far as Irene Liiao of Manhasset, New York.

Jordan was so important to the then third-grader that she wanted to spend all of her time with him. So, she got a life-size cardboard cutout of the famous player.

Shoutout to her parents for being so cool and letting her bring it everywhere with her.

Irene recently tweeted out some hilarious pictures of their unlikely friendship.


Shopping for Christmas dinner, perhaps? Not complete without Jordan.


Jonesin' for some of that 'bucks with MJ? No prob!


Look at her dad peaking out from under his arm.


Michael Jordan's cardboard cutout is just like us! He rides the subway.


She even wrote him beautiful songs...


Ooh, gurl. You bad.


Listen, I get it...

I have one go-to story that never fails at making me look like a moron at dinner parties and it involves a cardboard cutout. So I relate to this tweet more than most. I have a special connection to it.

For my entire life I thought I met Hulk Hogan. I would tell people like, "Yeah, one time I met Hulk Hogan. He was at a (small) New Jersey county fair. I don't know why. He took a photo with me."

It's not a story that came up a lot, but if Hulk Hogan was mentioned in conversation, and with teenage girls apparently it happens, my friends would say, "Oh, Hope's met him. She says he's really nice."


One time I told this story of meeting Hogan in front of my mother who shot me down immediately, saying, "You never met Hulk Hogan."

I argued with her, and to prove it I went through countless childhood photos.

And there it was -- me, red faced from the heat of the fair, sitting next to... a cardboard cutout of Hulk Hogan.

Somewhere along the way from that moment all the way to high school, my brain convinced myself that I had actually met the real Hulk Hogan.

Memories are funny things, I suppose.

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