Too Many People Have Fallen For Sketchy Meme Teaching You To Break Your Thumb

All the cool kids are breaking their thumbs, so let's give it a go together.

First you hold your hand out and tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand. Got it? Good. Now bend your wrist down towards the floor.

Keep doing it.

Is your thumb broken yet? Ah, guess you're not one of the cool kids. Sorry about that.


Nah I'm just messin', you're a proper OG and don't forget it. The trick didn't work because it's a load of nonsense.

The "how to break your thumb" diagram is currently doing the rounds on Twitter and Instagram.

Someone posted about it with a photo of their fat digit looking all mangled. It's scaring the bejesus out of everyone, but it's more than likely fake and some double-jointed prankster playing with us.


Ew. Make it stop.


The viral image is actually from a physical therapy medical website. And no, it's not instructions on how to break your thumb, it's a diagram showing how doctors test for de Quervain's tendonitis. Sounds like a Roald Dahl book, right?

What you're really doing when you perform this action is what's known as the "Finklestein Test" (sequel to Quervain's tendonitis).


If you feel a sharp, shooting pain when you point your wrist down, you may have Quervain's. That means the sheath that covers the two tendons vital to thumb movement is inflamed.

Causes include racket sports, excessive hammering and knitting.

*throws away wool scarf I'm not even close to finishing*


Don't worry, it's no major deal. All you have to do is rest it and avoid vigorous wrist activity (I see you out there laughing because your minds are smutty).

So you came here expecting to learn how to break your thumb but left with a medical lesson under your hat.


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