This Powerful Video Gets Real About What It Meant To 'Be A Man' In 2015

Getty Images

The video above, brought to you by The Representation Project, asks the poignant question, "What Did It Mean to 'Be a Man' in 2015?"

Judging from the first half of the video, which shows a range of clips from Donald Trump at a debate to a Carl's Jr. commercial, being a man this year meant being a misguided misogynist with little to no respect for women.

But the second half of the clip proves there is indeed hope for men in the future.

From brands like Swiffer to leading male voices like The Rock and President Obama, being a man in 2015 also meant speaking out on behalf of women and erasing stereotypical gender roles.

Let's all be better men in 2016. I know I'll try to do my part.

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