McDonald's Sriracha Mac Sauce Is Hitting Stores Soon, So Get Hyped


The condiment of dreams is finally upon us, folks... well, almost.

In case you weren't privy to the food trend: Sriracha is a pretty big deal, and McDonald's is hopping on the bandwagon.

UPDATE: The Signature Sriracha sandwich and Sriracha Mac sauce will be available nationwide as of August 1, McDonald's tells Elite Daily.

EARLIER: Pretty soon, you won't  have to choose between leafy greens and meats thanks to McDonald's Sriracha Mac, which — along with the Sriracha sauce — will be available nationwide by the end of the month.

The Signature Sriracha sandwich is already rolling out across the country, according to Nation's Restaurant News, while advertising for the new recipe officially begins on July 31.


The order combines ingredients we never thought possible: kale, a burger, and Sriracha — the best mix of millennial food trends out there. You'll be so hip with this order, you might as well just pack your bags and move to Brooklyn.

Elite Daily has reached out to McDonald's for more information about the exact release of the sauce, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

But don't fret: You can feel a little less guilty about your order once it's actually available since kale is included. You can scratch a healthy food group off your list without sacrificing taste. Rejoice! It's spicy and cool at the same time.

(No need to thank me, folks, it's what I'm here for.)

McDonald's Sriracha Mac, a.k.a. the burger extraordinaire, is part of McDonald's Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich line, which gives customers the opportunity to opt for a particular bun and recipe with either a burger, crispy chicken, or grilled chicken.

See? Grilled chicken!  You're getting healthier by the minute just reading this article.

If chicken is more your thing (totally fine) there's even more delightful news: You can enjoy the Sriracha Mac sauce as a dipping sauce for your nuggets, so the spicy options are not limited to beef. When it comes to picking out lunch, we need our options, so thanks for providing, McDonald's.

It's still a couple weeks away, but hang in there. We're going to get through this lengthy, torturous time together... and we'll have some soft serve in the meantime.