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Matthew Perry Reveals Why He Can't Recall Three Years Of Filming 'Friends'

For three years, Matthew Perry didn't recall filming the hit NBC sitcom "Friends." The reason? Perry was "painfully hungover," he told BBC Radio 2 on Friday.

A three-year hangover?! I feel for you, Chandler.

When asked by fellow guest, actor James Nesbitt, what his least favorite episode of "Friends" was, Perry said,

I think the answer is 'I don't remember three years of it.'

He explained further, saying,

A little bit of the time, I was pretty out of it, yeah ... Anyway, my answer to your question is somewhere between seasons three and six.

Business Insider reports Perry attended rehab twice during the filming of "Friends," attributing the stints to prescription pain medication and alcohol abuse. Though he was never "high at work," he admitted to being "painfully hungover" much of the time.

This confession comes to light in the midst of Perry promoting his debut play, "The End of Longing," which is set to premiere in London on February 2. Perry won't be attending the "Friends" reunion special airing on February 21 on NBC because of the play.

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