An Entire Strip Club Did The Mannequin Challenge And It's Super Sexual


I've had it up to here with Mannequin Challenges, you hear me? No more Mann-... Wait, did you say this one involved a strip club?

The Sapphire Strip Club in Las Vegas may in fact be known for showcasing ladies who bare it all, but did you know it's also currently known for strippers who act like a bunch of storefront mannequins?

That's right, if you're thinking of engaging in the Mannequin Challenge meme, watch the above video of this strip club pulling it off before you decide that the world needs to see your take on it (it doesn't).

For instance, can we just take a moment and admire this tableau? Seriously, I'm pretty impressed that this stripper was able to keep so still around so much cash.

Why does the guy in this screenshot look like he's asleep? You can't sleep during a Mannequin Challenge. That's practically cheating.

Uh, hey pal? Yeah, her eyes are up here!


Maybe he just really wants to let the stripper know she spilled something, but he's too polite to bring it up vocally.

Here's a thing I did not know about strip clubs: They hand-feed you?


"Hello? Cirque du Soleil? Yes, I have an idea for your newest (and possibly nudest) act."


How is she doing this?! Can someone from NASA please explain to me the physics of this?

Still not impressed? Well, how about this splash of "Fifty Shades of Grey?"


In case you somehow need more examples of Mannequin Challenges after this strip club version, you should check out this entire sports arena that engaged in the meme.

And then there was this wedding party that basically was like, "I now pronounce you Mannequin and Challenge," with their impressive stillness.

Now, can we please say goodbye to the Mannequin Challenge (and 2016 in general)?