This Man Used His Entire Savings To Give His Wife The Most Incredible Gift

by Candice Jalili

When my grandparents first moved to America, my grandpa bought them a beautiful little house on top of what was essentially just a giant pile of dirt.

As you can imagine, my grandma was not pleased about the thought of living on a giant dirt pile. So, my grandpa promised her he would make her the most beautiful garden she had ever seen. And that's what he devoted the rest of his retirement to.

Rain or shine, seven days a week, my grandpa would wake up at sunrise and work on the garden until sundown. Eventually, he created something that was much more than a garden for my family.

It was where both of his daughters got married. It was where his grandchildren learned to swim. It was where his granddaughter had her engagement party. It's where his great grandson is probably playing tag as I type this right now. It's the one place on the planet where his legacy really managed to live on even after him and my grandma passed away.

That garden, the concrete symbol of the love my grandpa had for my grandma, is the foundation my entire family is built upon.

So, needless to say, I love this story about a Chinese man who spent four years building a gorgeous garden for his wife.

Zhou Xiaofan, 51, spent the majority of his married life traveling for work as a tour guide, a teacher and, finally, the owner of a successful travel business. While lots of spouses would complain about the obvious strain on their marriage, Zhou's wife, Yin Jie, simply stood by him and supported him through it all.

When Yin Jie told her husband eight years ago she dreamt of having her own private flower garden, he figured it was time to support her for a change. Four years ago, he took out his savings to rent a 200-acre plot with a 30-year tenancy in a rural part of China's Chengdu City.

Then, it was time to get down to business and plant his wife's dream garden. And let me tell you, Zhou did not disappoint. The ginormous garden now has over 600 (yes, 600!) types of flowers.

When's the best time to visit? Well, always. Each type of flower has carefully been chosen to make sure the garden is in bloom throughout the year.

The couple sold their house in Guangzhou two years ago in order to fund the garden. They now live in a small house on the garden, and Yin is totally OK with it. For her, home is wherever Zhou is with her.

The couple don't have any children of their own, but Zhou explains they'd like to see their garden, known as "China's largest private garden," as their "gift to the future."


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