Devastated Guy Posts Saddest Ad Ever To Sell Furniture After Breakup


Breakups are tough, especially when you lived with your SO and almost everything you own reminds you of your romance.

Usually, the typical heartbreak protocol is to box up all of your partner's goods and dramatically leave it at his or her doorstep -- or just to toss the nostalgic items completely.

For others, like Daniel Khan, the internet is the perfect place to turn for a post-heartbreak cleanup.

The Sydney-based bachelor and his girlfriend just broke up, and he decided to sell all of their shared furniture online in a private Facebook group usually used for posting room rentals, according to BuzzFeed.

His heartbreaking yet hilarious post is titled "BREAKUP SALE."


Khan is selling items like the "Kitchen aid pot that she liked the colour of," the "320 L Samsung fridge we made Sunday pancakes from" and the "sofa we cried on."

Excuse us while we ball our eyes out and empty our wallets for him.

Apparently, everything on the listing was sold after 24 hours, which is no surprise. How could you resist a King IKEA bed that this couple once fought and smiled on for only $125?!

The newly single Australian even received emotional support and date requests after his infamous sales post, which gives us faith the internet actually has a heart.

I hope his ex doesn't change her mind because she'll soon find out the "mirror she'd put her makeup on" is gone for good, along with just about everything else the couple once owned.

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