This Dude Actually Shuts Down A Highway So He Can Propose (Video)

How do you ensure your marriage proposal is memorable? Do you throw a lavish party? Pop the question in front of pals?

If you're Vidal Valladares Navas, you shut down a highway.

The Houston, Texas native wanted his proposal to girlfriend Michelle Wycoff to be unforgettable. So, with the help of several friends, he shut down I-45, a major Southern interstate.

The newly-engaged prince charming had his friends split up in multiple cars and drive in front of him on the highway, each in a different lane.

When he gave them the signal, each car slowed to a halt, effectively stopping traffic, to allow Navas to exit his car and propose to his girlfriend in the middle of the highway (the same highway they took a motorcycle ride on for their second date).

In theory, the idea was sweet, but in practice? With car exhaust and honking horns and sticky asphalt? Not the most romantic move.

Check out footage of the proposal, aptly titled, “Idiot Shuts Down A Major Highway For A Marriage Proposal,” up top.

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