This Man Had To Propose 149 Times Before His Girlfriend Even Noticed

You know how, in scary movies, there will be a photo where a ghost is standing clearly in the background? In "Insidious," for example, a freaky veiled woman is standing behind a young Patrick Wilson, and you're thinking, "How does he not see her?!"

That's kind of how I feel about Claire Bramley not realizing her boyfriend, Ray Smith, was proposing after 148 tries: "Look out! The proposal's right behind you, Claire!" "It's right in front of you!" "It's written on a notecard behind two tiny clay people."

Over the course of six months, Smith took selfies with various hidden versions of "Will you marry me?" written on a card. On lucky number 149, Smith proposed to Bramley with an overt, verbal message. She said yes, of course.

It's part-adorable, part-creepy and 100 percent original.

Watch a video compilation of all the photos and Smith's heartwarming proposal below.

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