Guy Pulls Worst Prank On Girlfriend By Pretending Their Son Blows Up (Video)

by Taylor Ortega

Most parents fear they'll lose their children in busy supermarkets; they don't fear their little ones will blow to bits before their eyes in freak ATV accidents.

Comedian, YouTube prankster and girlfriend torturer Roman Atwood recently created an unthinkable reality for his lady, Brittney, when he rigged explosives, a remote control four-wheeler and a dummy to make it look as though the couple's young son was swallowed up in a fiery burst.

In a video documenting the prank, Brittney goes from horrified to not-freaking-having-it in seconds.

Unlike Atwood's ball-pit prank, this one was not something the mother could easily laugh off, even with her child safely back in her arms.

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