Man Finds Touching Video Grandma Filmed Before She Died


I was really close with my grandparents.

A few years back, my grandpa passed away. Several months later, my grandma followed.

It was really sad to lose them in such a close period of time, but my family knew she wanted to be with him.

At the time, I was a grad student at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. I had to fly back to the US twice in three months for their funerals. It definitely wasn't easy.

The year they passed, when I was home for the holidays, my grandma called me and left me a voicemail. She wanted to see me before I flew back to the UK.

I've saved that voicemail to this day. It's still in my inbox.

Sometimes, it's just nice to hear my grandmother's voice. She was very southern (from North Carolina), and her accent was always very soothing to me.

So, I can totally relate to a Redditor who recently shared a video his grandmother accidentally filmed on her phone before she died.

The relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren is always powerful.

Reddit user Mewarf wrote,

This is the video he discovered.

Jordan Dexter Wallace on YouTube

The video was shared by Jordan Dexter Wallace on YouTube, with the caption,

In the video, which was filmed in a flower garden, Wallace's grandmother can be heard saying,

Hold on, I need a moment.

My grandmother also struggled with her phone, and I had to teach her how to enter contacts, which was very adorable to me.

Much like me, people on Reddit are really feeling for this guy and his loss.

Comment from discussion My grandmother passed away last week. I found this on her phone..

Comment from discussion My grandmother passed away last week. I found this on her phone..

This is yet another reminder that we should always cherish the moments we spend with the people we love.

Life is short. Call your grandma.