Wacky New Makeup Trend Puts Classic Social Media Memes On Your Eyelids


One time, I became so overwhelmed by attempting to draw on winged eyeliner the repeated failures caused me to break down into tears for 20 minutes.

So, no, I don't think I could pull off this look. Not because it wouldn't look fantastic on me and not because I don't love memes. I just... don't have the skill, sadly.

A makeup artist's canvas is a face. Their muse? In 2017, that proves to be a meme.

Are you trying to find yourself a bae? Why not paint your eyelids with Salt Bae? Who could resist?

Jenny started the trend on Twitter. She told Mashable,

If I remember correctly, my boyfriend and I were just hanging out and he mentioned a rash or something and because I constantly have "SpongeBob" episodes cycling through my mind, it reminded me of Squidward's painting Bold and Brash and I knew I had to draw it on my eye.

Beautiful. Iconic. Show-stopping.

This joke inspired by her boyfriend has a lot of makeup artists trying their hand at recreating memes.

Jenny said,

Honestly, I wasn't expecting the look to get so popular and I definitely wasn't expecting a dozen people to do meme looks the next few days.

I am in awe of these talents, TBH.

If you're wondering who would wear this look out, then I'm wondering about your own life choices. There is not a place I would not wear a meme. Wedding, funeral, graduation -- this look fits them all.

Jenny added,

If you've seen any of my other looks you would know that I really am that kind of person to show up to the club with a fictional squid painting on my eye. Hell yeah.

I know it's a bit dated, but if someone could draw the "Ermahgerd Girl" on me, I would be able to die fulfilled.

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