Vlogger Did Makeup With Only Nail Polish And Topped All Beauty Challenges


When someone on YouTube attempts a crazy makeup challenge, my first question is always, why?

For example, why would ANYONE want 100 layers of anything on their face?

I have the same question for beauty vlogger Breland, aka Glitterforever17, who recently applied a full face of makeup by only using nail polish. Of course, the results are horrifying, but the challenge itself is probably the most ridiculous one I've seen this year.

Although, I don't know why I'm so surprised. We did just recently see 100 layers of wax, after all.

But point-blank, these challenges can be pretty dangerous.

No one should be applying nail polish to their skin, especially when it's close to the eyes.

Breland says, "Don't try this at home" to her viewers, even though she's trying it herself. To her credit, she did use non-toxic children's nail polish to put on her face, but still. She probably shouldn't be applying this stuff all.

By the way, this video has over 2 million views. Is this what beauty vloggers have to do to get people to watch their videos now?

To me, this challenge is almost as gross as that girl who was addicted to eating nail polish on that TLC show, "My Strange Addiction."

For over 11 minutes, Breland takes us through each step, from nail polish coverup to nail polish eyeliner. (Yes, I said eyeliner.)

Spoiler: It all turns out to be a sticky, gross mess.

But who here expected this to look good? I don't know anything about makeup, but I'm positive nail polish — even non-toxic varieties — aren't meant to go on your face.

Breland attempted to do a full face with just nail polish, but it proved to be pretty difficult.

Why, why, why, why?

I'm so happy this will never be a real trend.

And since you can't exactly put nail polish remover on your face to take it off...

... it probably took her hours to remove it all.

I'm sufficiently grossed out.

Dear YouTube beauty vloggers, are the views worth the damage you're possibly doing to your beautiful faces?

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