This Guy Used Wax For Probably The Most Dangerous 100 Layers Video Ever


Welcome to the latest edition of the 100 layers challenge — the YouTube challenge that just refuses to die.

Seriously, we've already seen 100 layers of nails, foundation, face mask, mascara and one from Jenna Marbles where she just used all of the makeup she could find.

YouTuber Sean C, aka ItsYeBoi, decided it would be an excellent idea to try 100 layers of wax, as in the wax you put on your body hair to rip it all off. Yup.

Sounds pretty painful, right? Well, I can say from experience that it was just as painful for the viewer as it was for Sean. I would say that out of the 12-minute and 42-second video, all but the first minute or two is hard to watch.

The whole thing probably took hours, especially since he had to heat up each wax container.

His sister was the lucky lady who got to put on each layer of wax. She applied it to the front of his right leg, below the knee, while we painstakingly watched.

They used three whole containers of wax. Yes. Three.

It started off looking like a normal waxing session. He said the wax looked really tasty.



But it quickly turned into a hot, sticky mess.


Midway through, the new layers of wax started ripping out his leg hair. Ouch!

That's a lot of wax, dude.

As one would assume, ripping 100 layers of wax off of your skin wasn't an easy (or comfortable) task.

The end result looks like an arts and crafts project gone horribly wrong.

Yeah, he probably should have thought this one through.


I don't think he'll want to go near wax ever again in his life. Maybe he'll shave the other leg to even it out?

Why is this incredibly dangerous? For one, wax is hot. He could have easily burned his skin. Two, even just one layer of wax can irritate skin and his sister doesn't exactly look like she knows what she's doing.

I hope he lathered his leg with a shit ton of oil after doing this.

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