This Is The Ultimate '100 Layer' Beauty Video To Top Them All


YouTube star Jenna Marbles is never one to be outdone by the craziest trends of the internet. So, when vloggers began documenting the oddly-satisfying process of applying 100 coats of foundation or nail polish at the same time, her mental gears began whirring.

In her July 21 video, Jenna takes on 100 layers of glitter nail polish, spray tan, hairspray, foundation, liquid lipstick and false eyelashes — at the same time. Over the course of 7.5 hours, she painstakingly slathers on paint-like formula and shellacs her hair into oblivion, all while boyfriend Julien comments in the background. (At one point, he helpfully adds, "Your arm looks like a hotdog!")

I've been watching Jenna religiously since her start years ago, and I can confidently say this is the hardest I've ever laughed. That face just says it all. As the regret sets in and time ticks by, Jenna's dedication to going wildly over the top only deepens. Just wait, too, until her spray tan starts to turn black.

My favorite line? When she finally reaches the end and frantically tries to wipe off the makeup in an attempt to let her skin breath, it's clear the pigment isn't going anywhere. It smears around like creamy tar, and Jenna shrieks,

My face at this point... I'm not sure if it can ever feel clean again.

Thanks for the laugh, funny lady. May all your false eyelashes peel off as easily as the 50 pairs from this video do.