Girl's Makeup Fail Gave Her A Hilarious 'Tin Man' Face

I grew up with a big brother so we didn't really use makeup on each other. And the only time I ever got into my mom's makeup was to eat her lipstick.

Why did I eat lipstick as a child? Because it was delicious. Moving on...

I don't tell you how to live your life, OK?

So when I see videos like this, of a little girl wanting to be like her big sister so much she just has to get her glow on, my heart melts a little bit a lot.

Four-year-old Brooklyn, of Charlotte, North Carolina, is used to getting all dolled up. Seriously, look how adorable she is.


On her glam squad is her big sister Diarra, who is a makeup artist and a hair stylist.


Diarra and Brooklyn are incredibly close sisters, though this makeup betrayal by the younger sister may be something Diarra brings up for years to come.

For instance, my big brother still brings up the fact that I accidentally erased his Pokémon Red saved file. Honestly, every time we fight.



Diarra originally tweeted the video of her sister with the caption that read, "my vanity is a MESS."

But I'm sure being able to see her highlighted little face made the pain of losing expensive makeup and the bad cleanup just a little worth it.

Their mom Trina told Buzzfeed News,

She adores her older sister and loves to mimic her with makeup tutorials.

She learned it from you, OK? She learned it from you!

Diarra puts the whole makeup mishap perfectly in the video above when she says to Brooklyn,

Look at you, you look like Tin Man.

Diarra wrote in the Instagram video's caption,

Found my baby sister @thebrooklynskye playing in my makeup. She got a hold of @kayluxcosmetics highlighters and went ham. Walking around the house glowing.

Honestly? I think the look is on point. This is definitely not a makeup fail to me.

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