This Beauty Product Turned A Woman's Entire Body Bright Pink


If you've ever had one of those embarrassingly red, full-body lobster sunburns, you'll sympathize with this story. A woman reportedly turned her skin bright pink after incorrectly using a LUSH bath product she mistook as a bar of soap.

The woman, who goes by Abi, tweeted at LUSH earlier this week.

She asked,

She attached the following photo with her polite inquiry.


Abi, who (as you can see) emerged from her bath looking like a pink Oompa Loompa, later told Pretty 52 what happened.

Allegedly, she bought the Razzle Dazzle bath oil from LUSH, mistook it for a bar of soap and subsequently rubbed the intensely pigmented natural cosmetic over every inch of her skin.

She concluded,

Yeah, directions are important.

If you make a similar skin-dyeing mistake, Abi has a pro tip: Use “lemon juice, olive oil [and] a gritty face wash” to restore your skin to its natural tone.

But, you know, try not to make this mistake because that pink look is not cute.

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