Just Looking At This Super Long Prime Number Could Get You Arrested (Video)

All numbers are made up and innocuous -- until you give certain numbers meaning, that is. Your Social Security number only becomes relevant when paired with other important information. And your phone number only means something to your mom, unless of course you're ultra famous.

And a few very rare numbers are so loaded with meaning for some people that just looking at them can get you locked up. Why is that? According to the YouTube channel Wendoverproductions, prime numbers are coveted for security reasons, mainly because they are so difficult to procure as they increase in size. The high profile status of certain numbers has to do with encryption, and prime numbers are notoriously hard to crack.

Curious to know which number is the most illegal of them all? Watch the video above to see it for yourself and get the full explanation for why simply looking at a number can land you in major trouble.

PS- If do you get caught, I don't know you.

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