These Kids Give The Amazing Dating Advice We All Need To Hear

Before you scoff at the very thought of taking dating advice from a child, chew on this delicious suggestion offered by a little girl in a boat:

[You] should say, 'Hi. I really, really want to meet you. Would you please meet me at, like, the town hall.'

Who is going to say "no" to that?!

If a man asked me to meet him at “the town hall,” I'd assume I was being invited to join him for time travel and jump right on that before some other woman took my seat in the DeLorean.

A new video from Canoodle Content asks kids whether adults should text or call potential love interests and, furthermore, what they should say.

One adorable dumpling I refer to as “Bench Boy” spends most of the conversation teaching host Dave Keystone useful breathing exercises.

The children have an amazing wealth of untapped knowledge we grownups should be using to further our own selfish endeavors.

Don't judge a child by his or her tiny, unblemished face. Children have all the answers.