Little Girl's Confused Emotions When Losing Tooth Perfectly Sum Up Childhood


Do you ever look back on your childhood and feel a bit stupid for never waking up when your mom or dad slipped a dollar under your pillow for that baby tooth? It doesn't sit right with me that I was able to sleep that heavily.

I mean, what if there was actual danger — would I have slept through it?!

That's not really going anywhere. I'm just using it as a tenuous link to open the story ...

This girl is learning all about the horrors of growing up as well. She's just shed her front teeth (and by shed I mean her chompers have been aggressively torn out by someone).

In the video, which emerged on LiveLeak and came from Australia, the girl's head gets violently swung backwards when the tooth extraction happens. Then the look on her face is priceless. It's a roller coaster of expressions.

At first, she looks like she's seen something unholy. Then the most "Here's Johnny!" smile creeps over her face. She's definitely the kind of kid who burns ants with a magnifying glass.