Girl Is A Wreck Over Rooting For The Wrong Football Team

Don't get it confused, 4-year-old Kendall is a fan of the Louisville Cardinals football team.

I get it, Kendall.

I'm 27-years-old and sometimes I, too, find myself rooting for the wrong team. My mistake comes from less childhood innocent and more alcohol, but we've all been there.

It's nothing to cry about!

Kendall's dad Scotty Kohler told BuzzFeed News that he and his wife always root for the Cardinals. They also let their kids cheer for any team they wish.

He said,

We are Louisville Cardinal fans, but have never pushed her to be a fan of any particular team.
Scotty Kohler

But Kendall is not just some type of fair-weathered fan -- she's no bandwagon jumper!

Check out how this little girl reacted when she accidentally rooted for the other team.

She honestly cannot believe she accidentally rooted for the team's rival Kentucky.

Surely, she must believe her parents will disown her after this faux pas?

Even more heartbreaking than watching a child cry over her innocent mistake? She wasn't even watching football when it happened.

Kendall was playing with her sister when she went blank on her favorite team.

The two sisters were playing, and Kendall accidentally said, "Go Kentucky."

Scotty asked his wife to start recording her apology so he could show it to her when she was older. He said,

I was the only one who understood what she said [at first] and I understood how trivial it was and that it definitely was nothing to be that upset about. That was the comical aspect of it.

Honestly, I'm just really impressed with her honesty.

Kendall could have easily taken this slight against her family to the grave with her.

No one needed to know that she said the wrong football team if her sister kept quiet.  But she felt the need to confess her football sins to her father.

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