This Little Girl Would Be The Most Adorable Spokesperson For Planned Parenthood (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

I've met enough dumb adults in my life to know age does not always precede wisdom. In fact, it's often the youngest who have the most insight.

Take, for example, Zuri Chin.

The (freakin' adorable) toddler recently appeared in an episode of LivingRoomProtest, a leftist-leaning YouTube series hosted by her mother Staceyann Chin, to speak out in defense of Planned Parenthood.

In the four-minute-long episode, created to address the current right-wing efforts to eliminate Planned Parenthood's federal funding, Zuri discusses why the reproductive healthcare organization deserves the public's continued support.

Smiling for the camera, the budding activist explains, simply,

We have our own bod[ies]. We can do everything we want with our own bod[ies].

Though very young, Zuri seems to genuinely understand the importance of the organization and the right to do with our bodies what we please.

As her mother talks, the wise little girl energetically nods along, even chiming in with her own ideas as they come to her.

No, Zuri is not likely to require Planned Parenthood's services anytime soon. But one day, she may. And when that day comes, Zuri will have the right to get great healthcare options, as does every woman.

Watch Zuri break it all down in the video, below, and head to YouTube for more episodes of LivingRoomProtest.

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