This Little Boy Was Sneaking Into A Woman's Garage For The Cutest Reason Ever

After one little boy's dog died from old age, he started sneaking into a woman's garage for the cutest reason ever: to cuddle with her dog.

The woman, Hollie Breaux Mallet, lives in Louisiana and thought to check her security camera footage after noticing a little boy running from her garage one afternoon. The boy would ride his bike past her house, jump off and dash into the garage before running back out.

Little did she know, all this sneaking had to do with her black lab, Duchess. Immediately, Mallet went to Facebook to ask neighbors who this boy was so she could invite him to come play with her dog any time. She shared the video and it has since been viewed over a million times. You can see the adorable footage yourself by watching the video posted above.

Luckily, there's a happy end to this story: Thanks to Facebook, the little boy and the dog have been reunited and now they spend many cuddly afternoons together.

The End.

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