Those Lids On Kool-Aid Bursts Have An Important Use And The Internet Is Shook


If you're a '90s kid, prepare to have your mind blown.

Back in the day, millennials always appreciated a Kool-Aid while watching Rugrats or coloring in their Lisa Frank notebooks, but the lids on Kool-Aid Bursts were always somewhat difficult to figure out... until now.

A Twitter user has finally cracked the Kool-Aid code, and you can color me shook.

Chandler, known as @Pelicans, took to social media to share the discovery, and his Kool-Aid realization caught in photos has gone viral.

Guys, all you needed to do was reverse the top of the lid to close the bottle again.

What?! That's it?! If we had known this years ago, it would've made life so much easier.

Everyone was just as shocked by the findings, so they used Twitter to address the '90s issue everyone experienced.

Some tried it out for themselves.

The revelation was shocking.

"All these years..."

People are shooketh, I tell you — shooketh.

Then, there were those who were less than shook... because this is the internet and party poopers are welcome.

They were ready, willing, and able to dispel @Pelicans' theory about the Kool-Aid Bursts containers.

Some identified it as a "false alarm."

What a bunch of naysayers.

OK, so maybe this scientific theory didn't go quite as planned, but it's definitely fun to relive the good 'ol days, right?

While you're reminiscing, take a look at the lyrics from some of your favorite old-school songs (Kool-Aide not required, but encouraged). You'll realize there's a whole new meaning with some of these lyrics.

If that's not enough to to put you back in a '90s funk, the Hey Arnold cast recently weighed in on that crazy fan theory about the show during this year's Comic-Con. Even better? Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie will air on Nickelodeon in November, so there's plenty of time to stock up on Kool-Aide, Ring Pops, Bubble Tape, or whatever your 1997 heart desires before the gang makes its way back to your TV.

So the Kool-Aid theory might have only semi-worked, but you can buy your own bottles and give it a whirl.

Happy reminiscing, '90s kids.