New Zealand Lesbian Couple Tries A New Method To Finding A Sperm Donor


Social media has really changed the way the world works.

Sure, it's still a great way to stalk an ex, hate on that jerk from the eighth grade and stay in touch with old friends, but Facebook, it seems, has become much more than just connecting with your buddies.

It's also become a place where people advertise for their direct-to-buyer companies, or in this couple's case, a place to advertise for a sperm donor.

Ashleigh Habgood and Alley Williams, a couple from New Zealand, found everlasting love with each other when they were just 15 years old.

The couple has since tied the knot but is now hoping to add to their family with a baby. The only trouble is, New Zealand has a serious shortage of sperm donors.

So, the women took to Facebook and posted a "wanted" ad of sorts.

In part, the post reads,

The couple is hoping to find a man who is intelligent and has no desire to be a father; he should be younger than 45 and preferably non-white.

So far, the post has nearly 300 shares and 60 comments.

The couple is still on the hunt for some good genes, so if you have some and are willing to share, send them a message on Facebook and make their baby dreams come true.