Least Sly Guy Ever Gets Caught Partying On Snapchat After Faking Sick At Work

The Lad Bible

Going out on a weekday is risky, risky business... especially when your night is unknowingly being documented on social media.

Danny Anderson, a very unlucky 19-year-old, experienced this firsthand when one Snapchat single-handedly blew his cover after he called out of work "sick."

FYI, this is my worst nightmare.

Anderson must've had one hell of a night out because he ended up with his arm around a blonde woman, who snapped a photo of the two of them with the caption, "Danny."


Oof. Are you OK there, Danny boy? You look a little buzzed.

Apparently, the teen had such a crazy night out, he felt the need to call out of work the next day.

To play it cool, he texted his boss and told him that he had caught a bug and wouldn't be in. But the response he received was not what he expected.

The Lad Bible

To Danny's surprise, the woman who took the Snapchat was his boss's FRIEND. She posted the photo on her Snapchat story.

You'd better believe that his boss saw it. He called his employee out, saying,

Caught you right out on snap chat. Lying cunt!

Poor, poor Danny. You almost had him.

The falsely sick worker talked to The Lad Bible about his boss's reaction, saying,

To be honest, he wasn't that pissed off and he just gave me loads of shit jobs on site for a few weeks.

Well kid, you lucked out. Try to stay clear of any cameras or phones the next time you're out on the town.