Savage Landlord Caught On Camera Having Sex In A Tenant's Bed


A savage Colorado landlord is in hot water today after he was caught on camera having sex in a tenant's bed.

You really can't make this shit up, can you?

That landlord, who for one reason or another decided his own bed wasn't good enough to have sex in, is facing felony charges after he was caught on camera via a nanny cam having sex in a couple's bed.

Talk about the most extreme violation of personal space you can think of.

The wildest part? Tenant Logan Pierce became aware of his landlord's inappropriate happy time session via a cell phone alert.


Speaking with KKTV 11 News, Pierce said,

I got a notification from one of the cameras on lunch the other day that it detected noise, and it was strange because both of us work all day, every day.

Pierce's apartment, which is located at Skyway Condominiums in Colorado Springs, is reportedly bugged with several security cameras, one of which is clearly in a perfect position in his bedroom.


The shocked Colorado Springs resident continued,

I opened up the camera and kind of had to, like, quit the program and, like, restart it again because I didn't really believe what I saw. I guess the first thing that went through my mind was like, complete and utter disbelief.

Um, yeah.

Warning: The below footage will shock and scare you.


Before he called the police, Pierce spoke to his wife. He said,

I said, 'Honey, I think we need to move, like, immediately.'

The landlord's name is Carlos Quijada, and he reportedly declined to comment on the situation to KKTV 11 News.

Lt. Howard Black of the Colorado Springs Police Department had plenty to say about the landlord who had sex in his tenant's bed. Black said,

Obviously, landlords don't have the ability to go into tenants' apartments and do whatever they want to do.

Pierce appears very shaken by this whole saga. He told KKTV 11 News,

It was like a total violation of privacy. Just to have somebody to come in unannounced is enough, but ... then go forth with sleeping with somebody on your bed while you're not there. It was scary.

But wait, it gets worse!

Apparently, Quijada used Pierce's wife's wedding dress to clean up after having sex on the couple's bed. I think we actually need a stronger word than savage to describe this landlord.

According to KKTV 11 News, an arrest warrant for misdemeanor obscenity and criminal trespassing has been issued for Quijada.

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