'Kylie Jenner Does Stuff' Might Be The World's Best Instagram Account

The Kardashian-Jenner family is a venerable PR machine.

The ladies rarely take a bad photo, and if they do, you sure as hell won't see it on their perfectly-curated Instagram accounts.

Sure, they are reality stars, but how much of their everyday lives are we really getting to see? I mean, do any of these girls have hobbies?

LA-based comedian Ben Siemon's new Instagram account, @kyliejennerdoestuff, is shedding light on what we all hope Kylie does when she's not launching lip kits or dating Tyga.

In the pics, Siemon carefully Photoshops out Kylie's phone and replaces it with objects that make zero sense but are hysterical.

Check out a few of the photos and their original captions below.

Cool pic of @kyliejenner rescuing a baby from a burning building:

Cool pic of @kyliejenner hanging out with Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor:

Cool pic of @kyliejenner giving a shout out to the 1st night of #hanukkah:

Cool pic of @kyliejenner sliding into home plate:

Cool pic of @kyliejenner using the Thighmaster:

Cool pic of @kyliejenner playing the pan flute:

It may not make any sense at all, but who cares? Keep up the good work, Ben!