Kim Kardashian Thinks Guys Should Buy Their Girlfriends A $9,000 Ring For V-Day

by Kate Ryan
Getty Images

This week, Kim Kardashian posted a Valentine's Day gift guide on her website for guys looking to treat their special ladies. Only problem? I'm pretty sure Kim is out of touch with reality.

The most outrageous gift suggestion is obviously the diamond-studded, PinMaurizio Pintaldi rose gold ring that's currently going for $9,624.

To be fair, it looks dope, but you can probably find a decent knock-off version at Forever 21. In fact, you could probably find her entire list for a tiny fraction of the price at Forever 21. (This isn't a sponsored post, I swear.)

What's arguably more ridiculous than the ring is the $60 box of macarons. That's 60 dollars for a bunch of cookies that don't even have diamonds in them. On the bright side, they're gluten free for all the celiac honeys out there.

For guys looking to inject a little romance into their Valentine's Day, Kim has some totally useless lace suspenders for a mere $66.

She also recommends dudes throw in a $400 choker, because nothing says "love" like strangling your SO with a flimsy piece of bedazzled pleather.

I think I speak for all ladies when I say we'd rather see that $60 spent on a pile of sushi and a bottle of champagne. A rescue puppy would be nice too.

Take note, bros.