Internet's Favorite Ken Bone Gets Offered $100,000 To Be On Adult Cam Site

During the debate this past weekend, the internet fell in love with Ken Bone, the man who earnestly asked the presidential nominees how they'd deal with various environmental and energy challenges.

While his question was totally valid and definitely something every American should consider when they vote this November, what the world loved even more than Ken's inquiry was his demeanor: calm, confident and inherent of someone who definitely enjoys a good hug.

Also, of course, that sweater.


Ken Bone, as most have said, was the real winner of Sunday's debate.

And CamSoda, an adult entertainment cam site, has joined in on all the love for our boy Ken by offering him $100,000 to participate in a live, one-hour broadcast on its site.

Yes, if Ken accepts this offer, he will be surrounded by cam girls in CamSoda's live-streaming house and have the freedom to do, uh, whatever it is that you do with cam girls.

Check out the letter sent to Ken below.


This is a big choice for Ken, arguably a bigger choice than the one he has to make on November 8.

For those of you who were too focused on Ken's adorable sweater to pay attention to the debate, he was classified as an "Undecided Voter," so he's not yet sure if he's voting for Trump or Hillary.

He told The Washington Post that Trump "represents [his] personal interests very well" and he "like[s] his economic policy better than Senator Clinton's." But "Clinton is a better representative for all of America."

He continued,

I don't want to see anyone's rights stripped away. We fought very hard to get equal rights for groups that have never had them before. I'm so glad that they have them now. I don't want them to lose those rights. So this election cycle, personally to me, is about my interest vs. the common good. It's a tough one. I really haven't made a final decision yet.

Here's hoping Ken will put this much thought into whether or not he wants to do porn.