The Ultimate Presidential Debate Drinking Game Is Here To Numb America's Pain

Kylah Benes-Trapp/Shutterstock

Tonight, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off in one of the most anticipated debates of all time.

The prospect of such a debate — one that pits the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party against a brash, divisive businessman with no prior political experience — has been in the back of many minds since the two made their political endeavors known to the public.

And now it's happening.

Still, we don't know the versions of each candidate we're going to get. Will Trump attack Clinton's past scandals or her voting record? Will Hillary go after Donald's lack of experience or his personality?

No one knows.

So, why not make a game out of what's already been a circus? A drinking game, of course.

The Rules:

Novice Mode Take a sip every time when...

• Lester Holt asks a question • Anyone mentions America, freedom or democracy • Anyone mentions a wall, perhaps building one • Anyone mentions a Wall Street, perhaps being bought by one • Lester Holt touches his (what I assume are) Warby Parkers • Anyone tries to connect with millennials

Hard Mode Take a shot every time when...

• Clinton coughs • Trump says "Crooked Hillary" • Anyone goes over their time • Trump says "huge" • Anyone mentions emails • Clinton mentions Vladimir Putin • Melania Trump plagiarizes someone • Trump makes some version of this face:

Feeling buzzed yet? All right, here goes...

Probably a Bad Idea Mode Finish your drink every time when...

• Anyone mentions making America great again • Anyone mentions affordable, quality Trump Steaks • Clinton mentions tax returns • Trump claims he will defeat ISIS • Clinton faints • Ted Cruz confesses to being the Zodiac Killer • Trump alludes to the Monica Lewinsky scandal or Bill Clinton's infidelity • You legitimately fear for the future of this country

Tune into the debate at 9 pm ET tonight, September 26. Oh, and drink responsibly and stuff.