Fitness Blogger Responds To Former Model's Message About Social Media

by Taylor Ortega

In response to Essena O'Neill's inspiring exodus from social media, fellow Instagram celeb and fitness blogger Kayla Itsines shared a message of her own regarding the expectations and perceptions of online living.

Itsines has nearly 4 million followers of her own and, in an Instagram post on Monday, diverted their attention to the caveats presented in O'Neill's “Social Media Is Not Real Life” Insta-overhaul, without referring to the 18-year-old by name.

The trainer refused to say "who made the post," assuming Essena "had enough of social media" for the day, and expressed interest in expanding upon some of the issues raised by the unnamed activist.

She wrote,

Three weeks ago, I made a post explaining 'a side of social media that you don't see.' What it REALLY takes. I explained that it's not as simple as posting a few photos of beautiful food, new clothes, luxury items... and BAM life is amazing. On my account... you don't see a lot of things… the 5 am wake ups, the late nights, the constant bullying, the lack of support and understanding of friends, the stress... and so much more.

Itsines pleaded with her followers to remain true to themselves, stay healthy and celebrate their differences.

She reminded readers,

My life, my food, my family… isn't YOUR life, everyone is different. I post these transformations to show you there are SOOOO many girls out there on so many different journeys. All with one goal, to be happy, healthy and fit! Don't strive to live like, or be like, one person on social media.

The post, which echoes some of O'Neill's greatest concerns, garnered nearly 48,000 likes in just 11 hours.

Itsines said,

Create your own self. Be honest. Stick to your morals… and always try and be the BEST person you can be.

Despite every luxury Instagram that keeps Millennials spending and starving to reach an unattainable goal, there are now two bloggers speaking out to encourage living honestly.

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