JK Rowling Wrecked Your Dreams By Saying That Harambe Is Not A Patronus


Looks like you'll have to sincerely lower your expectations of what animal you'll see after you scream "Expecto Patronum!"

We reported earlier how Muggles lost their sh*t when Pottermore released the definitive Patronus Test that's actually more complicated than the O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s combined.

Now, we all know that a Patronus is created by thinking of your positive memory, but I'm sorry if your happiest recollection is of Harambe, because the late gorilla is NOT a potential Patronus.

Wands out for Harambe, everyone.

Here lies a free ape.

Well, someone decided to troll (and not the troll you might find in the dungeon) the Wizarding World of the Internet by creating a fake Harambe patronus.

Well, it turns out that when it comes to "Harry Potter" some fans do not respond well to even the most obvious of pranks that Fred or George might have pulled... had they access to Twitter.

JK Rowling responded publicly after being "asked to make it clear" that the fallen Harambe won't be coming out of your wand in wispy silver form. Ever.

As you were? My world is rocked, JK! JK... I could care less (and by that last "JK" I meant "just kidding").

But that doesn't mean Rowling isn't in on this meme that will never die.

JK tweeted that she thought this was still really funny.

ROFL (AKA Rowling on the floor laughing)!

Even if Harambe won't protect you against Dementors, the "Harry Potter" author wants you to know that she thinks the very idea of that is hilarious.

I think we can all say that this is a win. That's right, 100 points to Gryffindor!

Which inappropriate animal pop culture reference should be your Patronus? Cecil the lion? Pizza Rat? That rat that was cooked into a Popeyes chicken?

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