'Harry Potter' Fans Are Losing It Over The New Quiz To Find Your Patronus

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Someone show me where the dementors are because my Patronus and I are ready to GO.

"Harry Potter" fans have been waiting for this day for a long time: The Potttermore Patronus Test is finally here.

JK Rowling announced the quiz, which she wrote herself "ages ago" on her Twitter on Thursday — and she also revealed her own Patronus. It used to be a pine marten, but now it's a heron.

OK but that heron is way too perfect for Jo, this test is definitely legit.

The test itself takes a different approach than the Sorting Hat Quiz, which came out several years ago.

First, you must think of your happiest memory. I suggest you do this before you start the test because you get basically no time think before the questions start.

(This led to me thinking my happiest memory was when my rug from Target finally got delivered yesterday, which I think we can all agree is pretty sad.)

The Patronus test encourages test-takers to go with their gut, so you only have about five seconds to choose each answer. If you're too slow, the quiz will just move onto the next question, so be prepared!


Also, the questions aren't really questions — they are just two or three words that you have to select from.

And like with the Sorting Hat, they abstract concepts rather than specific situations.


There are only about five to six questions, so the whole thing is over in about a minute.

Then you have your little silvery buddy for life!

And since I know you're all wondering... YA GIRL GOT AN OCICAT!


I will love her and protect her until the end of my days. (Even though, technically, a Patronus is supposed to protect you.)

So far on my Twitter feed, I've seen a lot of different varieties of cats, many different types of birds, some squirrels, a few dogs, a rabbit, a fish and a dragon.

And obviously, people are pretty psyched to finally know their Patronus.

Dementors ain't got nothing on us!

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