Sonja Lekovic

New iPhone App Helps You Pick Out The Best Cheap Wine

Cheap wine tends to be a staple for 20-somethings who like to get wine-wasted on the reg.

However, when it comes to buying bottles that lie on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, the quality of the wine can be seriously hit or miss.

Yep, you normally "get what you pay for" when it comes to buying wine.

However, there are some grapey gems hidden within the vast sea of shitty, inexpensive wines out there.

The only downside is that you have to know how to find these bad boys.

If you're looking to find some fine wines on a Franzia budget, I have some good news for you.

We just stumbled upon a heroic iPhone app that will help you pick out the best cheap wines with ease.

That's right. Antonio Galloni, the wine aficionado behind the website Vinous, just launched two new apps — Delectable and Banquet — that provide you with an extensive collection of helpful wine reviews right at your fingertips.

If you're wondering how these handy apps work, they're actually more simple to use than a corkscrew.

You can browse through Delectable's huge database of over a million different types of wines, beers and spirits to discover glorious booze you never knew existed.


Or you can use your camera to scan the wine label in order learn more about a certain type of wine.


After snapping a photo, the app will match the label on the bottle with a wide range of reviews for the wine that include the opinions of professional sommeliers, as well as normal people.


Now once you figured out which wine best suits your personal taste, you'll need to track that bad boy down.

This is where the other app, Banquet, comes into play.


Banquet tells you where you can find the bottles of wine that you want to buy and even lets you purchase your booze right through the app.

Seriously, thanks to these apps, finding good wines on a budget has never been easier.

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