iPhone 8 Will Keep Touch ID, So You Don't Worry About Your Face Being Scanned

by Brenda Santana
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The latest Apple keynote took place on Sept. 12 in Cupertino, California, and it confirmed many rumors about the iPhone X. One of the most widespread rumors was that the upcoming iPhone would come with infrared facial recognition, and that rumor was confirmed at Apple's keynote. Some techies are really excited about the new feature, while others feel like facial recognition is a weird invasion of their privacy. Lucky for these people, the iPhone 8 was also announced during the Apple keynote -- and if you are wondering, "Will iPhone 8 Have Touch ID?" I have good news for you.

The iPhone 8 will indeed have touch ID, so there's no need to feel like the feds are watching. Unlike its more expensive older brother (iPhone X), the iPhone 8 with allow users to continue using the touch ID they've all grown to love. But that's not all. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus still have designs similar to the iPhone 7. They differ, however, in that they do have glass bodies, which means the iPhone 8 will have the ability to be charged wirelessly.

Another great thing about the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is that they'll come in a blush gold hue for those who need pink in their lives. Honestly, this news makes me really happy.

So now we know the iPhone 8 has touch ID, can be charged wirelessly, and comes in gold. What else is exciting about the new device? OK, so one of coolest things about the iPhone 8 for me is that it'll be available much sooner than the iPhone X. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available for pre-order right now and will be shipped out (and available for purchase) on Sept. 22. The X, on the other hand, will be available for pre-order on Oct. 27 and will be shipped out (and available for purchase) on Nov. 3.

Oh yeah, and if you aren't excited about spending $999 on the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus might be better options. The iPhone 8 starts at $699 and the 8 Plus starts at $799, which is a cheaper alternative to the iPhone X. The battery life on the iPhone 8 is also pretty awesome, because it counts on the processing speed of Apple's All Bionic processor, which makes the battery last longer, aids in smoother performance, and makes the phone lightning fast.

The iPhone 8 is a solid option for those looking to upgrade their device without straying too far from what they're used to. And the price point on the phone is another good reason why opting for the iPhone 8 might be a better option. But for those looking for a high-end tech device that charges wirelessly, uses facial recognition, and has augmented reality capabilities, then the iPhone X might be perfect for you.

After all, you won't be able to use Animojis on any other device right now. Animojis use the sensors in the front-facing camera to scan your face and replicate your expression onto an emoji. The iPhone X will come with 12 Animojis, and will build from there. See how Animojis work in the Twitter video by Engadget below.

NGL, that Animoji looked pretty cool, but if you're looking for the AR experience without breaking the bank, then maybe you should consider downloading Snapchat and Bitmoji. Snapchat is now bringing Bitmojis to life on their app using their World Lenses. All you have to do is update your app and switch to your rear-facing camera, then press the screen until the lens carousel pops up.

This way, you can enjoy the AR experience without spending every penny you own on the iPhone X. Geez, so many options, so little time.

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