iPhone 8 Might Not Come With Wireless Charging After All, And We're Devastated

by Brenda Santana
Shutterstock/ CHOATphotographer

If you were hyped about the rumors that have been swirling of the upcoming iPhone 8's wireless charging capability, I have some bad news.

According to Fast Company, the iPhone 8 might launch without the elusive wireless charging station because Apple can't seem to get the software working properly.

Come on Apple, don't do this to us!

Apparently, engineers and designers at Apple have been scrambling all summer to get the wireless charging software working properly.

If they don't get it right in time, it could mean a delay in the 10th anniversary iPhone's production and delivery.

All I'm saying is, they better get the wireless software right because some speculate this new iPhone will come with a hefty $1,200 price tag.

Whoa, that's really steep! I guess I'll be keeping my iPhone 6 Plus for a lot longer than I thought.

Seriously, though... with a price like that, the new iPhone better come with wireless capabilities, a wireless station, and a little blender ready to whip up frosé at the drop of a dime -- but I digress.

Like every iPhone in history, the iPhone 8 — which is rumored to be called the iPhone Pro or iPhone X — will probably enable wireless charging in a software update which may take once the device launches.

Once the software is up and running, wireless charging will work by setting the new iPhone on top of a separate charging station — which will allegedly be created by Broadcom Ltd.

But if the wireless charging software does not work by the time the iPhone 8 launches, Apple may end up shipping inoperable charging stations with the new smartphone that will work once the update is installed.

This wouldn't be the first time Apple releases devices with promised software that doesn't work.

Back when the iPhone 7 Plus was released, Portrait Mode didn't work on the device until an update that came after the phone launched.

Let's just hope everything works out for Apple and that customers will be ready to shell out a small fortune on a phone.