The Internet Is Having A Field Day Photoshopping This 'Goal Kitty'

I'm starting to think some cats have been bioengineered for the sole purpose of making the Internet go nuts. First you have Grumpy Cat, who made everyone LOL until they simply could not LOL anymore. Then you have Coby, the Internet's most beautiful cat.

Now, we have Goal Kitty, a black and white cat who's raising the roof all over the web. The cat, whose real name is Keys, was first discovered on imgur throwing his paws up in the air.


And because it's the Internet and this is a cat we're talking about, the photo made it to Reddit where people went nuts Photoshopping Goal Kitty into the most hilarious situations.

Some of the best are featured on his Instagram account, which is quickly gaining traction on everyone's Discover page.

Here are a few things we've learned.

Goal Kitty is a big fan of OMNIA Nightclub.

He loves that sinking feeling you get on rollercoasters.

He's a big advocate for education.

And he lives a healthy lifestyle.

What more could you ask for from such a well-rounded, fun-loving cat?

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