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This Beautiful Kitten Is The Biggest Internet Sensation Since Grumpy Cat

Full disclosure: I'm a certified crazy cat lady. I have four of my own, and a few years ago, I picked up a pregnant cat off the street (it was winter in Brooklyn) and forced my mother to adopt her and her kittens. So now, my mom has four cats as well.

As I said, CRAZY. But, like, I have no shame.

Anyway, I tend to prefer kitties that are a little weird. My first baby, Sid, has a curly tail and two thumbs on each paw; he's also a black cat, which is why I adopted him (fact: black cats get adopted far less often than other breeds because of the myth of “bad luck” that brands them).

That said, I think I might change my ways after being introduced to Coby, the Internet's most beautiful kitty.

With his stark white fur and shockingly blue eyes, Coby is easily the prettiest cat I've ever seen -- and his 279,000 Instagram followers would probably agree.

Take a look below.

Meet Coby.

Is your jaw off the floor yet? Yeah, this is a real cat.


Coby is just under a year old…

…and was adopted by a woman named Rebecca when he was a kitten.

According to Rebecca, Coby enjoys tuna…

…chasing feathers…

…and playing in the water.

He even has his own rubber ducky!

Though his striking beauty is obviously a major draw…

…Rebecca says his “big personality” and sweet demeanor were what drew her to Coby.

I can't get over this cat.

Check out more photos of Coby, and read up on animal adoption (the only way to get a new pet, IMO) here.

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