The Internet Wants To Know: Can You Spot The Panda Among Snowmen? (Photo)

by Kendall Wood

You guys, it's time. It's DUE time for another Internet craze to rack your brain to the point of exhaustion.

This time, we're not going the dress route. No, that was way too complex. This time, we're taking it back to the simpler days of "Where's Waldo?" with the help of webcomic illustrator Gergely Dudás, professionally known as Dudolf.

Last week, Dudolf posted to Facebook what would soon become the latest viral Internet sensation with the caption,

There's a panda amongst them! Can you find it?

Scan the photo below and see if you can spot the timid panda among friendly snowmen. Don't worry; you're not being timed. We could go all night.


Think you found it? In the interest of our friends who need a little more time to analyze the drawing, we can't give away the results.

But, Dudolf did supply those with hungry eyes with another illustration challenge, which, dare I say, might be harder. He writes,

A cat is hiding amongst these owls! Can you spot it?

Can you spot the scaredy cat hiding among hoo-ing night owls? Again, take your time, fam. You got this!


If you're stumped by Dudolf's illustrations, you're not the only one!

One user by the name of Jon Beauvais commented on the snowmen/panda illustration, saying, "I found a dragon, 2 slippers, a can of pop and no panda. Nice try!" Another user named Ash Lea writes on the owl/cat illustration, "I found the panda one easy, but I can't find this cat!!!"

As of early Wednesday morning, Dudolf's illustration of the snowmen and panda has garnered just over 66,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 131,000 shares.

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