Guy Is So Deep In Friend Zone After "Friend Date" Instagram


The friend zone can be a cruel, lonely place.

Trust me, I get it.

Once upon a time, my friends went through the trouble of editing the Wikipedia page for “friend zone” to add my photo and some personal info about the history of the term. True story.

So, I can totally relate to this guy who is so deep in the friend zone no one can hear him scream.

Daniel and a female companion spent the day together, and I have no idea what the history is between them, but the date was romantic AF.

He took her to dinner, got her flowers and went horseback riding — horseback riding, for God's sake.


And she had the audacity to describe it as a “friend date.”


The girl posted a picture of the two sharing a lovely embrace and wrote,

Girl, you can take out the word “friend” because this was a straight-up date, and apparently an amazing one, too.

She was treated like a “true princess,” but brutally signed off the post with #stillsingletho.

And people on Twitter are putting a comforting virtual arm around Daniel's shoulder.

Side note: I keep hearing people wish they could be 17 or 18 again, but this post is exactly why I don't want that.

My love life was a mess at that age. Screw going through all of those bad decisions and confusing hormones again.

Anyway, I'd advise Danny Boy to keep plugging away and try to escape the zone... except that would be a terrible idea.

Any girl would be lucky to have such a thoughtful guy, and this chick doesn't deserve him unless she recognizes what a catch he is.

God speed, Daniel, and enjoy the avalanche of female attention that's about to come your way.

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