There's Now An Interactive 'Making A Murderer' Map For 'Diehard Fans'

If you need more “Making A Murderer” in your life now that you've watched (and re-watched) the Netflix true crime docu-series more times than you can count, you're in luck.

Two fans recently created an interactive map to help fellow true-crime enthusiasts learn exactly how the infamous investigation unfolded.

Created by digital marketing professionals Hugo García and Paola Falero, the “Remaking A Murderer” map, powered by Google, uses details compiled by Reddit sleuths to tell — or rather, show — the story of Avery's investigation.

In case you live under a rock, a recap: Avery was arrested (along with his nephew, Brendan Dassey) in 2007 for the 2005 murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach.

Four years prior, Avery had been exonerated after spending 18 years in jail for a sexual assault he did not commit. At the time of his 2007 arrest, Avery was in the process of suing Manitowoc County for $36 million.

There's a lot of skepticism surrounding the case, with many believing Avery and his nephew were wrongfully convicted (some even suggest they were framed by the police department to nullify the lawsuit).

García and Falero's map “begins” on October 31, 2005, the day before Halbach was sent to photograph a car at the Avery residence. It follows all known events of the case, using photos, evidence and in-depth details where possible, until August 2007, when Brendan Dassey “confessed” (under pressure) to aiding his uncle in Halbach's murder.

The collaborative format means knowledgable fans can even add their own facts and details to the map — but only so long as the additions are unbiased and allow other users to come to “their own conclusions.”

Cancel your Friday night plans, and check out the incredible “Remaking A Murderer” map here.

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