This Ridiculous Instagram Update Is Making People Freak Out


If Instagram is pulling for the Creepiest Update of All Time Award, then I think it's really on to something here with the latest iOS update.

Sure, you can make videos up to 60-seconds long with the new Instagram, which is pretty cool, but there's also a small, tiny problem: You can't log out. The log-out button completely disappeared from the app.

I'm going to be honest here, I don't think I've ever actually tried to log out of Instagram. But still, I'd like to know it's a possibility if I ever did want to log out. What is this? Mobile-app prison? I mean, clingy much, Instagram? Ya gotta give us a little bit of freedom if this relationship is gonna stay healthy.

Maybe it's silly to freak out about a little app update, but c'mon, Instagram. There's no reason for the little things in life to be this annoying.

People on Twitter definitely noticed this new creepy feature, and they are definitely not happy about it.

At first, people thought they were crazy.

Surely, no app would have an update this dumb?

Gradually, people realized the trap Instagram lured them into.

They realized there really is no way out.

Some people are feeling like their trust was betrayed.

This guy is tragically trapped in whatever account he last logged into.

Yeah, this update is pretty much the worst for people who work in social media professions.

Really, Instagram? Why you gotta make life unnecessarily complicated?

I mean, I'm not saying this is the same as prison, but it's basically the same as prison.

The only thing left to do is warn the lucky few who haven't yet updated.

Thanks for the worst update ever, Instagram! Guess I'll just be on your app forever!

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